Monday Motivation – You Are Beautiful

Hey momma’s!  Guess what?  You are beautiful!

I know you don’t always feel it.  I know sometimes it’s hard to feel it.  But, even in those moments, you are.

I know there are times you look in the mirror and try to remember when you combed your hair last.

I know there are times you have bags under your eyes, and stains on your clothes.

I know there are times you pinch at the extra skin your baby’s left behind, and run your finger’s along another stretch mark.

I know that it is so easy to look in the mirror, or at a picture, and pick yourself apart.

I know that when you are out in public your kids get complimented, and you tend to get overlooked.

Well, I am here to tell you that you are beautiful.

You are beautiful with that messy bun, and your freshly styled hair.

You are beautiful in your yoga pants and old t-shirt, and in your new maxi dress.

Today, I challenge you to look in the mirror, and instead of finding something you want to change, look for something you love.  Tell yourself you are beautiful.  And while you’re at it, tell someone else they are beautiful too 🙂