Our Journey in Home Pre-schooling

I am certainly not an expert, so take all of this with a grain of salt.  It wasn’t until recently that homeschooling crossed my radar, so I am still learning, and researching, but I thought pre-school would be a good place to start.  We still don’t know if it will go beyond that.  We don’t even know for sure that we won’t send our oldest to pre-k next year.  In all honesty, this will probably sound insane to a lot of people, but I am going to follow my children’s lead.  If they show interest in going to public school, I will send them.  If they show interest in homeschooling, I will homeschool.

For now though, I will share our journey, as much as possible, in case anyone else has this on their radar.

For the time being, I am flying by the seat of my pants.  Our daughter is (in 8 days) 3 years old, so we are using a lot of crafts, books, and hands on learning.  I honestly don’t know what children are supposed to learn when they are three, but what I do know is that my daughter is a sponge.  She soaks in information, and wants more.  She is always asking questions.  She is curious about everything, and forgets nothing.

After doing some research (aka Pinterest) I decided to stick with a theme of the week, and incorporate learning letters into it.  Some weeks are dedicated solely to letters, others are more about the theme.  We’re only on week 2, so I may tweak some things here and there as we move along.

We also aren’t really following a schedule at the moment.  Instead, we are adding learning into every day life.  My main goal, for now, is for her to learn through play.  I want it to be fun for her, not strict.  I never want her to stop being curious about everything.

M is loving it so far.  She has been calling me “mommy teacher” and refers to our dining room as “school”.

And, in case anyone is wondering, yes, I was hesitant at first in fear that she wouldn’t get enough socialization, but for now we get that at MOPS, and mommy and me playgroup, and at the playground.  Soon she will, hopefully, be starting Sunday school and sports, so I think she will be okay.

So, follow us on this new journey.  I will share more regarding the themes and activities with pictures, but as I said before, most of my inspiration came from Pinterest.

Are you a homeschooling mom?  Were you homeschooled?  I would love to hear from you!  I am so interested in the thought of it, but always get so overwhelmed, it would be wonderful to hear your first hand thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Our Journey in Home Pre-schooling

      • We are loving it so far! He was having such anxiety at school it was causing his skin to break out, but now it’s completely gone. I know it’s going to be a year to year thing for us but I’m hoping to keep going for many more years!


      • I am so happy to hear that! We are taking it year to year also. I am planning on having my daughter try pre-k next year to see how she does, just to get a feel for it, but I am right with you. If it gives her anxiety, I will be ready to pull her out and homeschool the rest of the year.


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